Our Team

It took 14 months to create The Hope Tree. It was a time of exhilaration, unending challenges, happy accidents, great joys and nearly crushing disappointments. It was not unlike the cancer journey itself. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep on going.

Just as you now have your team of experts, supporters, neighbors, friends and family rallying around you, I was surrounded by my own team of experts at Big3D Productions, Inc. for the creation of The Hope Tree. Without their unfaltering hard work, endurance, enthusiasm, sacrifices, support and encouragement this sculpture would not be what it is today. I am so very grateful to them all. Carol Jeanotilla

Jay Barrington, Doug Ferrarelli, Dan Sawatsky, Travis Smith, Steve Stack, Stan Tempchin

Kathryn Bethna, Vince Decuio, Tim Hopkins, Wes Jaramio, Dillon Jaramio, Jeff Sailors, Dan Sawatsky, Zach Shocklee

Core Fabrication
Kathryn Bethna, Tom Duggan, Zach Shocklee, Beth Villery

Colorado Support Staff
Preston Davis, Vicky Duggan, Joe Magee, JoAline Olson, Ron Perkovitch, Joel Roberts, Ellen Scivique, Rick Scivique, David Shingler, Tim Shipley, Janet VonFeldt

Kathryn Bethna, Central Oregon Trucking, Tom Duggan, Ellen Scivique, Rick Scivique, Bill Schumacher, Beth Villery

Kathryn Bethna, Will Bouer, Helmer & Sons, Jesse Malone, John Remmert, Beth Villery

St. Helena Hospital
Daphne Araujo, Jay Barrington, Shari Bluband, Stacey Bressler, Jeff Davis, Debi Glantz, Elaine John, Robin Lail, Kellie Lind, John May, Martha May, JoAline Olson, Andrea Phelps, Stan Tempchin, Jackie Sherman, Debora Souza, Steve Stack, Virginia Van Asperan, Tricia Williams

Gary Adamson, Leigh Adamson, Jamilee Headley, Tammy Ramsey, Moira Vandermeer, Allison Mundorff

Our Colorado Team