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Spirals are all around us. Start paying attention and you will find spirals everywhere: seeds, bugs, weather patterns, plants, snails, ram horns, chambered nautilus shells, whirlpools, DNA, galaxies, cacti, pine cones, acorns, sunflowers and waves. The very music to which we listen filters through a spiral in the inner ear. Our first connection to life itself is through a spiraling umbilical cord. Clearly, the spiral is one of nature’s most versatile building blocks. No wonder all ancient civilizations have some form of this image in their oldest imagery. Given its appearance at prehistoric burial sites across the globe, the spiral most likely represented the “life-death-rebirth” cycle.

The writers at explain this eloquently: “Part of human existence is constantly encountering the fundamental laws of nature, then interpreting and engaging with them. Through this process, disparate peoples and succeeding generations develop their own cultural mythologies that seek to answers the time-old questions of humanity: What kind of creature am I? Where do I come from? What am I made of? What happens when I die? Human ancestors asked these same questions as they gazed at the sky – scratching their visions and conjectures into stone. Whatever story they wove, all across the globe, our ancestors carved the spiral.” We call upon the spirals sacred architecture now to help us find meaning in this cancer journey and emerge from it more enlightened.

Similarly, the spiral also symbolized the sun – with its radiating heat waves. Ancient peoples thought the sun was born each morning, died each night, and was reborn the next morning. May we feel reborn each day with new determination to live this day in a place of hope.

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Food For Thought

Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind.

- by Leonadro da Vinci