Symbol Party

Viewed as a protector against harm by Native Americans, the owl is seen as a creature of the night – seeing in the dark, silently navigating the dark with ease. When those times come that we ourselves feel alone in the night, let us remember the owl: symbolic of inner-knowing, intelligence, brilliance, quick-wit, power and mystery. It could be a good ally for us as we journey this unfamiliar path on our way back to health.

Look at our sculpted owl: it has large eyes and calm, folded feathers. We must act like an owl and see things not noticed before in this dark place called cancer. We must look for encouragement and hope where seemingly none exists. Let our eyes adjust to this new light – let us see beyond our years to what is really happening here. Our wings are folded in calm repose – but capable of life-saving action when needed.

We will wait and take the measure of this situation – seeing what had not been seen before and ready to take flight towards wellness when the time is right.

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Food For Thought

If we did things that we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.

- by Thomas Edison