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When the infamous dove brought back a fresh olive branch to Noah on the ark, he knew the flood waters had receded and that land would soon appear. And ever since that time many religions and cultural traditions have embraced the olive branch as a symbol of hope.

After countless days of floating with no end in sight – rations long spent, energy drained, will exhausted and not knowing where to turn next – it would be easy to relinquish hope. But the waters will recede, life will continue, peace will come again. Land is in sight – do not despair.

Even a branch no longer attached to its mother plant signals life. Think of the billions of healthy cells – far more than cancerous cells – remaining in your body like those in the olive branch brought to Noah – just waiting for new rich soil in which to grow and thrive. And there are more where this came from – ready to grow and flourish once more.

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Food For Thought

You don't drown by falling in water. You drown from staying there.

- by Unknown