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The copper leaves that you see on the Hope Tree tell a story all their own.

One side of the leaf shows man’s earliest spiritual symbol: the spiral. Drawings and carvings of spirals are found across our Earth spanning every culture and era. But is the spiral going in or coming out? Life is an endless repeating pattern of giving when we are able and receiving when we are in need. Is the spiral going up amongst the stars or down to the rich Earth? Indeed, there are times when we must stay grounded and other times when we must soar to the heavens in our search for hope.

The other half of the leaf represents a feather. It pays homage to the lighter than air, soaring, breathless quality of hope. It also reminds us of Emily Dickinson’s poem that begins: “Hope is the thing with feathers . . .” The copper leaves on the Hope Tree are reaching for the stars – as we all do when we are in need of hope. They remind us to look up, look beyond ourselves and the moment to what is possible.

Notice the spiraling copper wires that hold the leaves firmly to the Hope Tree. Hope hangs on tight and will not relinquish its hold on us. It does not wear rose-colored glasses nor float in the sky like a fluffy cloud. It is a real phenomenon that is very much attached to our hearts and minds. And science now confirms this truth. Look on our “Science of Hope” page for more about this fascinating research.

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Food For Thought

Without hope, nothing could begin; hope offered a real chance to reach a better end. Hope helps overcome hurdles that we otherwise could not scale, and it moves us forward to a place where healing can occur.

- by Jerry Groopman, MD