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Manmade lamps have lit up the night for thousands of years. Imagine how it changed the lives of early humans to be able to see in the night. To carry light with them. Lamps were a new way to see – burning significantly brighter than flaming sticks or crude candles.

Whether made from brass, bronze, terra cotta, or glass – lamps show us the way to safety. The way home. The way to loved ones. Alert us to danger. A lamp might light up a new path that we had not even seen before.

We include the lamp on the Hope Tree for its ability to show us the way in the darkness – its ability to reveal things not seen or considered before. We are in a foreign land and need all the help we can muster. We will have many people holding a lamp out for us as they lead the way on this journey. Let us find the trust and wisdom to see what is there in the path before us: hope.

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Food For Thought

You have to go to the edge to figure out what’s in me. What can I do. And then that’s what you do.

- by Emily Miner