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The lamb that is nestled serenely on the Hope Tree is representative of all patients struggling with cancer. She lays asleep in her nest – above the fray. This safe resting place was built by helping hands, doctors, nurses, loved ones, neighbors, friends, knowledge, treatment, science and prayers. Her serenity comes from a kind of surrender. Not the giving up kind of surrender – but the acceptance kind of surrender. This kind of peace comes from seeing a situation for exactly what it is, knowing the odds you face, trusting those around you and believing you can win anyway. She is shaded from above by the copper leaves of hope reaching for the stars.

Throughout history the lamb has been symbolic of sacrifice to atone for man’s sins. The early Greek word for atonement was “son.” It is in this context that some religions mean “Son of God” when they say the “Lamb of God.” It soon became associated with the pure intentions of Christ to take away the sins of the world. Our Hope Tree lamb, Loralie, acknowledges the sacrifices that she must make to be well again.

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Food For Thought

Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind.

- by Leonadro da Vinci