Symbol Party

The symbol you see here is an ancient African symbol for hope. Translated as “Nyame Biribi Wo Soro” it means: A reminder that God’s dwelling place is in the heaven, where he can listen to all prayers. And, indeed, the symbol looks like two ears. It reminds us to listen to ourselves as well.

No matter what the culture nor how ancient, humans have always had a primal need to feel that there is something out there larger than ourselves: A presence that watches over us, listens to us and has a greater plan for us than we know.

This symbol could also be mirror images of eye-like or mask-like shapes. It could be a reminder to look within ourselves for the strength we need – finding the natural ability to heal that we all possess. Allowing ourselves to heal.

Let a power greater than ourselves “reside in heaven” – watching over us now – as we go about the Earthly business of getting well.

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Food For Thought

Without hope, nothing could begin; hope offered a real chance to reach a better end. Hope helps overcome hurdles that we otherwise could not scale, and it moves us forward to a place where healing can occur.

- by Jerry Groopman, MD