Symbol Party

From the first hand opened as proof of holding no weapons, hands have become a symbol of who we are: the heart and soul of our intentions. Our hands often speak more clearly than our words. Cupped hands denote a pledge of faith, sincerity, justice and are symbolic of support and strength. We can clench our fists in fear and tension. A hand on our chest reflects sincerity and deep appreciation. We raise our hands in surrender. We fold our hands in contentment and contemplation. We open our arms, hands out to the sides in a sweeping, open gesture of inclusive welcome. We hold our hands level and firm in a gesture of balance – mimicking the scales of justice.

The word for manifestation in Latin is formed around the world “manus” – being the Latin word for hand. We may dream our dreams in our minds, but it is with our hands that we build the world around us – transforming unseen energy into the world of form.

We place the hands in such a prominent place on the Hope Tree in reverence to their limitless expressions. Our sculpted hands are cupped in a protective embrace. We pray that the right skilled hands will find us now as we begin this cancer experience. Who among us does not need the hand of another to help us walk this path back to wholeness?

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Food For Thought

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.

- by James Baldwin