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This ancient symbol predates the use of the cross as a symbol for Christ by some 200 years. It is considered the first symbol of Christianity and is a meaningful symbol for many other religions. For Christianity, it’s origins are believed to be from Christ’s many visits to the shore to gather his apostles and the miraculous multiplication of fishes and loaves. Millions of people worldwide see it as a symbol of hope and salvation.

Fish beneath the water hold endless mystery for us – they represent that which is certainly there, but cannot be seen.

A calm lake or calm seas can appear motionless. Almost asleep. But we must look deeper. Slip beneath the surface of these calm waters and we see life teaming from every molecule. This is precisely what is happening in our bodies as we heal ourselves of cancer. We will not be fooled by how still things appear on the surface. We will trust in the billions of cells -swimming like fish in our body’s own water – are going about the urgent business of repair. We will trust in our miraculous ability to heal, recover and thrive once more.

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Food For Thought

Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.

- by John Wooden