Symbol Party

Early man quickly realized that the load was lighter with many hands to help and that survival was more likely within the protection of a group. In contemporary times “family” symbolizes a haven from the world that can supply absolute fulfillment. At their best, families provide an environment that encourages love, intimacy, trust and support in difficult times.

Kinship and family forms have often been thought to impact the social relations in the society as a whole. In many cultures they are the building social unit of the structure of a society. In this way family soon encompasses much more than mother, father, child.

As we move through this cancer journey our family will grow to include care givers, fellow patients, friends and kind neighbors. It is in this context of the Human Family that we celebrate this symbol on the Hope Tree.

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Food For Thought

Hope does not cast a veil over perception and thought. In this way, it is different from blind optimism. It brings reality into sharp focus.

- by Richard Davidson, PhD