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Though indigenous to many Asian states including Japan, Korea, China, and India, our own nation’s Capitol is home to many thousands of cherry blossom trees. These were originally sent as a gift from Japan in 1912 – symbolic of blossoming understanding. Some Japanese generations have believed that the blossoms are reincarnated souls. They bloom quickly, brilliantly and begin to drop their petals just as quickly – a spectacular but transient beauty.

In the Japanese culture they represent the transience of life and are a reminder to honor Buddhist teachings about the transitory nature of life itself. In the Chinese culture they are considered feminine and ripe with potential life.

The concept of blossoming understanding – and, therefore, blossoming hope – along with the message to live fully while you can earns this symbol a place on the Hope Tree. As we wait for our own understanding to blossom, these fleeting beauties remind us to make the most of every day – and enjoy the life we have right now.

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You have to go to the edge to figure out what’s in me. What can I do. And then that’s what you do.

- by Emily Miner