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We watch the slow and clumsy caterpillar gather and stretch along a stem as if measuring it out inch by inch. Then, hanging by a thread, it patiently wraps itself in a protective cocoon – a chrysalis. When the butterfly emerges a mere 7-10 later – opening its magnificent and impossible wings to dry in a cool breeze – we think the miracle is complete. But the journey is just beginning.

The butterfly is soon ready to fly its erratic dance over nearly 3,000 miles on cross-continental migrations in search of home. How this whisper of a creature can stay on course despite wind and storms is nothing less than astounding.

Our safe cocoon will be created from knowledge, truth, love, support, good thoughts, professional care, faith and hope. Even though we feel ourselves hanging by a thread, we need to trust our invincible link to life.

Hope in hand – wings at the ready – we must now go about the business of surviving this storm. We will be blown off course and buffeted by many obstacles – but we will faithfully return to our belief and expectation that wellness awaits us.

Is it any wonder that one Greek word for butterfly is “soul?”

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Food For Thought

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

- by Henry Ford