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Not until the 1940s did scientists first prove it was possible for bees to fly. Until then, the laws of aerodynamics dictated that the bumblebee should be incapable of flight, as it does not have the capacity – in terms of wing size or beats per second – to achieve flight with the degree of wing-load necessary. With the advent of slow-motion photography and film the articulated nature of bee wings was discovered. Rather than having the stiff wings of a helicopter, this articulation allows them to “cup” the air and overcome the physics challenge presented by their weight versus wing length.

Unaware that it was impossible for them to fly, bees have happily been pollinating the Earth’s flora and fauna for millions of years. Just because something looks impossible to the best minds of the day does not mean that it is impossible.

Let us all share the bee’s unwitting ignorance of what is impossible and choose to fly anyway.

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Food For Thought

Hope does not cast a veil over perception and thought. In this way, it is different from blind optimism. It brings reality into sharp focus.

- by Richard Davidson, PhD