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The written history of mankind in many cultures makes countless references to Angels as bearers of joyful news. They are a heraldic symbol for dignity, glory, hope and honor. Regardless of the culture – whether they sit at God’s side or float near us whispering encouragement in our ear – we believe they gently wrap us in the loving embrace of their wings when we need them most.

Notice that on our sculpted Angel her cape draped wings are very much a part of her being. These wings are not simply stuck on her back like a prop to be shucked off at the end of the performance. They are “of” her and not just “on” her. And we all have wings in one form or another. We all have angels residing in us – as memories, as feelings, as knowing.

The revered poet, Maya Angelou, calls upon the spirit of every person who has ever been kind to her when she is faced with adversity. Saying, “Come along with me. I need you now.” Think of all the amazing people who are trying to help you now as individual feathers in your own wings – just waiting for your call to action.

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If we did things that we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.

- by Thomas Edison