Symbol Party

For hundreds of years sailors traveling the Earth’s oceans have felt great good fortune upon sighting an albatross gliding above the waves.

With a wing span of nearly 11 feet and a calm flying heart rate equal to their resting heart rate, they became symbols of hope for endurance, stamina and the ability to endure until land was in sight.

The grand wings of this lovely bird remind us of all those who elevate us now: family, loved ones, experts, care-givers, friends and countless kind strangers. All lifting us up to meet this challenge of a lifetime. Their love and caring keep us aloft on a higher plane as we focus on the calm tick-tick-tick of our own beating hearts. Beating out the rhythm: I can make – I can make it – I can make it.

May we all glide like the albatross – not bothered by the surf and wind around us as we sail through the obstacles before us.

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Food For Thought

Once you choose hope, anything's possible.

- by Christopher Reeve